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Hi, guys. My name is Olga Rukina. I am an illustrator and author from Kyiv, Ukraine. I love the beauty and magic of text. For me its a living creature, which I would like to own and control like a magic wand. For this "relationships" — full of love, interest and interaction — i create this blog.

I have the professional experience in writing and editing. And i am constantly learning through experiments and practice, training courses, professional literature and from other authors. BUT. Mostly in this pricess I trust to my inner sensations and text-intuition.

All drawings and photos to articles on this site are created by me (except for those where the authorship of another artist is signed). All my illustrations you can see HERE.

I like to do my own project, where I perform a multifunctional role. But also I am open for cooperation.

My services:
 author's article on order
— storytelling for your product
— proofreading of your text
— editing your text (any volumes)
— interviewing
— evaluation of your blog
— a general description of your text (its stylistic features, "pros" and "cons," the parties that need improvement, etc.)

If you want to contact me, please, write to rukina.illustration@gmail.com

If you want to look at my illustrations:
Olga Rukina Facebook page
www.rukina.com/ my portfolio
www.instagram.com/olllgarukina/ my art instagram

All materials published on this site are protected by copyright. The texts, photos and illustrations published on this site are prohibited to use without the written consent of the author. 

Olga Rukina


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