Who is Olga Rukina?

Olga Rukina
Hallo. My name is Olga Rukina. I am an illustrator and author of texts in this blog. I was born in Kyiv, but spent all my childhood near the sea  in sunny Simferopol, Crimea. From the very beginning I had a lot of nature, salt water and fresh air. This affected my worldview and, accordingly, the style of my texts and art in the future. I like to live the freedom of self-expression, use bright, sensual motives in my characters, speech and texts.

I learned to read at 4 years old, and at 6 I went to first grade. At school I was interested in literature, history and legal training. Therefore, in 2002 after the 9th grade I entered to the law school. In 2005 I entered to the law faculty of the Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine, where I received my first higher education.

While studying, my work was connected with it  I worked as a literary editor on the site Gala.net with the radio station Gala Radio. Unfortunately, now this resource does not exist, but it was the first community in Ukraine such as the social network — until the instant messengers, Facebook, Instagram and so on entered our life. It was a very good, useful work, which for me will forever remain a truly romantic place  in the center of the city, wrapped in music and love for each word.

After finishing work on the radio I started freelancing. Iwas an assistant of the organizer of a music festival in the Crimea, wrote articles to order, wrote in VERY different styles: about tourism, self-knowledge, motivation, esotericism, astrology, personal growth, neuromarketing and so on. All this experience was necessary for me in order to study the text styles, the principle of their impact on people and how to use it as a tool for expression of thought.

The Faculty of Law and all the knowledge gained during my studies were necessary for me to train a systemic, critical thinking. A job on the radio  in order to express my thoughts coherently. For me as a creative person such domination of logic and "cataloging" at some point began to press me. Therefore…

In 2010 I went to India.

In a country where is absolutely no order in its usual sense. Where is only CHAOS. And where you, plunging into this chaos, can get a huge dose of creative energy. I lived there for 3 months and when i returned to Kiev I could not "return to myself" for a long time. In order to somehow consciously digest and structure my experience after such travelling, I wrote a book "How to relieve a werewolf from fleas". It was a mystical novel, which action unfolded in several parallel realities. The heroes of the action were people, spirits, mythical warriors and fairy-tale creatures. The main characters performed the classic (as I already know now) Hero's Journey, with the exit from the comfort zone, meeting of new friends, battle with the monster, acquisition of new experience and the return home  in a new capacity, with new practice.

When I finished work with text, I wanted to load it into the final form  to make a real, printed edition: with layout and cover. I went to the layout courses, where I learned the program Adobe InDesign. I independently compiled ALL my book, made a cover for it, and printed it in the publishing house in several copies "on demand." When I received my book  in a neat, beautiful package, I (as I remember now)  felt exalted, full of sunlight, releasing a huge amount of energy, reall happiness. It was a sense of strength from the creation and design of the idea: from the very beginning, from the time of the inception and to the completion of this huge project on the scale of my personal universe.

In 2011 I bought a graphic tablet and started to create my first illustrations. I did not have any drawing experience, I did not study it anywhere, I did not have a single familiar artist (in close access), so I developed all my knowledge completely independently, based solely on my practice.

In 2012 I had my first orders for prints and paintings. I worked at once in several techniques: collage, digital art and minimalism. Many different works were created, but my main activity in the art was a graphic digital illustration. I believe that I was very lucky in my artwork because I did not have any troubles and uncertainties in finding my style. I almost immediately realized what and how I want to draw, and I'm very grateful to my inner universe for this opportunity.

In 2016 I discovered Europe and, of course, I fell in love with Berlin for good. This love was mutual, so from 2016 I live in two countries simultaneously - in Ukraine and Germany. I do not know what this relationship will lead to, but so far my heart is full of light and joy.
In 2017 I started to write (oh, my God) POEMS, something that had never happened before. I believe that this is another stage in understanding the possibilities of the text  through its rhythm, rhyme and melody.

Now I continue to study and love every day, watching the amazing beauty and harmony of the world around me.

I hope you like in my blog, and articles in it will be interesting and useful for you. Come to my page with pictures, subscribe to me on social networks and stay connected.

I wish you a good day.

The author of the article  Olga Rukina


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