My tarot deck

Olga Rukina. My tarot deck.

I began to draw my deck of tarot cards. I have always been interested in the stories captured and inscribed in it: action and meaning of alignment in a static form as an illustration.

The Fool, Magician, High Priestess... Now I am going through the list of Major Arcana. This process is very interesting because I never know exactly how this work will look as a result. I imagine only the main motive, which will be the central figure of illustration, and all the details come to me in process. What is interesting: "guests" are knocking from the inside, from my subjective experience. This is the creativity that I perceive as a dialogue with my own conscious and unconscious: so saturated that I can touch it, feeling every millimeter of the work done.

In tarot there is everything ─ fairy tale therapy, art therapy and, of course, psychology. With deck you can practice the interpreting of your feelings and emotions, understanding your mental states ─ all hidden "shadow" moments. To look into your brain, into your own soul and carefully, but creatively ─ with passion and love ─ to SEE how things are "on the other side". What could be more exciting?

Also, when we interpreting the alignment, we practice mastering of storytelling. This process is improves our brain function, develops imagination, teaches to combine one with another in an individual and integral narrative.
Tarot has many benefits. No wonder people use them as tips on the life way for centuries. I would not make card alignment the center of my life or something bearing responsibility for my choice instead of me, but it exists as an element included in the system of my worldview.

I associate the tarot deck with Hero's Journey: classic scenario that is in absolutely all myths, tales and films. The emergence, formation, development, desire to go beyond, thirst for new, search, encounter with difficulties, victory, defeat, victory again, finding what you need, expansion, movement, return to the point of departure and understanding that world is one, but after new experience you will never be the same again...

I know that Hero's Journey is not only inside mystical tales, but also in life of every person. It manifests itself very individually, with various features, but if you remove all nuances and look at the main points, you will find this journey: from Fool to World, from birth to dissolution in the Absolute. And this story is in the tarot ─ a deck of pictures, where the main thing is mind of person who sees and interprets.

I wish you to find those methods of knowing yourself and world that will benefit to you, which fill you with creative energy, and give a joy, strength and powerful meaning of life.

The author of illustrations and text — Rukina Olga.
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Olga Rukina illustration.Tarot. FOOL.
The Fool

Olga Rukina illustration.Tarot. MAGICIAN.
The Magician

Olga Rukina illustration.Tarot. HIGHT PRIESTESS.
The High Priestess

Olga Rukina illustration.Tarot. EMPRESS.
The Empress


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