The High Priest

Olga Rukina art. Tarot. The High Priest.

Come out come out from this closed room.
Now you are free,
Can shine and bloom.
So many colors in this life.
Be smart ─ don’t cut them with a knife.

Remember everything that yours:
Your wisdom, beauty and, of course,
Your power, that is inside your soul.
So go and get deserved goal.

Now hero is controls the Beast.
His guide was correct ─ the High Priest.

After the Empress and the Emperor, where we are learning to rule in the material world, it’s very important not to forget our roots: connection with nature and ancient forces.

The High Priest, like the High Priestess, is about self-acceptance and courage to say: «Yes, I am who I am ─ strange, sensual, psychedelic, connected with the whole world, with every element of it. I am free and beautiful, and I am the energy of life ─ of its dark side and, of course, light».

The High Priest is very magnetic and playful, but also he is the guide to deep wisdom of our hero. You always will return to where you are come from. You will pass fire, wind, water and earth, became an ash and fly away into the crimson sky. But before you have to unite material and spiritual life in your mind. And this sudoku is one of the most complex, because it requires a person… to be a person.

The author of illustrations and text — Rukina Olga.
Olga Rukina illustration / Instagram / Facebook

illustrator Olga Rukina. Tarot. The High Priest.


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