Why did fate choose Frodo?

illustrator Olga Rukina. Frodo. Lord of the rings.

I love Lord of the rings. This is a great story about friendship, love, mutual support, strength, good and evil, about victory over inner demons, about mercy, mind and intuition. This is a story about the journey of a hero with all its stages, which perfectly continues my thoughts about the way of personality.

Frodo is a unique character. He is the one who must take the One ring and destroy it. Why did fate choose Frodo? Because inside of him are some qualities that can stand this heavy burden. He is not a superman, he has no muscles and he is not a warrior. But there is something that is a counterbalance to Sauron – Frodo loves life, his home, people, his friends. He has a very ALIVE soul that does not want to manipulate by power. Frodo has a very powerful LIFE RESOURCE. And this confronts the evil of Sauron.

The ring is a heavy test of endurance that is constantly on Frodo's body. Therefore, the hero here doesn’t smile :) But in this whole process, as in life, there is such a depth and strength that has absolutely all colors and emotions within itself. I really love this story. It’s about strength of mind and strength of nature. And even being a fairy tale, it is incredibly true. Perhaps that is why it will remain in the history of mankind for centuries.

The author of illustrations and text — Rukina Olga.
Olga Rukina illustration / Instagram / Facebook

illustrator Olga Rukina. Frodo. Lord of the rings.


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