The Magician

Olga Rukina art. Tarot. The Magician.

The space of the hero's journey opens more and more.
Like a no frame window.
Like a psychedelic door.
What is inside Magician – such magic he create.
Keep your mind clear and simple
And feel the wind of fate.

If Fool is the irrational energy of freedom, Magician is that mind level where he uses all Universe energy as intuitive knowledge. Magician interacts with world like with an enchantment creature. And, if Fool is a careless, free and sometimes cruel, Magician not only plays, but also catches these secrets, sees them and uses.

For me this art is special. It reminds me that cosmos is already here. It's not far away behind the atmosphere. It permeates the air, earth, water and fire. It's great and limitless. Like the real point, real essence. Real power that can inspired and scared at the same time.

And what you will do with all this power, what spells you will create – depends only at your heart. At tiny but important moment.

The author of illustrations and text — Rukina Olga.
Olga Rukina illustration / Instagram / Facebook

illustrator Olga Rukina. Tarot. The Magician.


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