The Fool

Olga Rukina art. Tarot. The Fool.

The Fool is the beginning. Pure and absolute. Connected with body of the Universe. This is a push, an impulse to intuitive action. And, of course, this is a confidence into your inner resource. The Fool makes to take a dip into unknown, where person will have to use all his/her abilities. I love this feeling of uncertainty, open wide space. The Journey full of Fool. SO emotional and satisfying.

This is independence, desire to play and thirst AND HUNGER for love. This is a spring thunderstorm falling into your mouth with natural power.
This is SO beautiful.

The Fool is just one of stages of the hero's journey. There are so many important roles, images and archetypes ahead that you need to live, feel and get experience from.

Therefore, the main: explore, feel, enjoy, but don't stuck and always reach the new knowledge of life.

The author of illustration and text — Rukina Olga.
Olga Rukina illustration / Instagram / Facebook

illustrator Olga Rukina.Tarot. Fool.


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