Self Expression

Olga Rukina. Self Expression

«Self expression.When everything is above, below and on all sides of the body is collected in the center of the chest. It concentrates and blazing more and more by bright light. This is a pleasant and strong feeling that overwhelms and captures me. Everything is connected. There is an amazing expansion that motivates me to act — manifestation of my talents and capabilities.

This sensation is bright like fire. The warmest and best fire in the world. This is self-confidence, the absence of doubts and unnecessary thoughts. This is the knowledge how to act, the desire to move forward, similar to the birth of something new. This burning core inside me is pushed out, it wants to be, be fully manifested.

This is a joyful thrill. As meeting with the best human being, with close friend, with dear, beloved creature. From this explosion in my personal little Universe it is impossible to distract because it owns me completely. This irresistible traction is so pleasant, strong and light, that it is absolutely impossible to resist it. The inhale and exhale by yourself as a continuous release to the outside of the SELF in the most complete and concentrated state of creation.

In this process you are alive. All unnecessary vibrations are removed, all the "noise" disappears, there is only this sensation of movement from the inside to the outside: Self expression is an exit through the depth, FREEDOM manifestation of one's feelings. At this moment my Universe creates, I am create, I manifest. I am alive».

I wrote this text at the time of my “second birth”. After all a person is born twice: in the maternity hospital and when the human being begins to engage in creative work. This is truly a powerful state, which you feel at the center of your personal Universe, when you are focused and concentrated, when you speak in the language of your soul, when you contact with the most subtle and sensitive parts of it. Creativity is a healing process for the human psyche, because at its moment you are connected to yourself, you listen to your needs, you dissolve in yourself, your abilities, you are all in the process of some kind of higher exaltation that gives you the power to live this life, to love and be loved.

How interesting... I tried to find an interpretation of the word "manifestation" on the Web and the search gave me the following text:

«Parameshvara (Sk. परमेश्वर parameśvara  “Supreme Lord”) is a philosophical concept in Hinduism, manifested God, God as the Supreme Person. Parameshvara is presented as the First of the manifested, “God – Father – Mother”, as a Person. This is the very form of God — having a body — which manifests itself under various names and epithets in our world, that taking forms and acting, that guiding and blessing».

Manifestation of creativity — this is God. God who is «I — am, I am exist, I am a whole». This is surprising fact that this force possesses a person within himself.

I wish you to find the state of things of mind that will give you the same strong inspiration, happiness, childish, sparkling joy and absolute, total, all-pervasive freedom. I wish you to feel yourself as the Creator, at least once, at least for a little but powerful moment.

The author of illustration and text — Rukina Olga.
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