Olga Rukina. Books about illustration

The main thing in art is practice. I was sure about it from the beginning of my creative path, and I am still sure of it now. I have no special art education. I never studied the arrangement of elements in a picture or a combination of colors. I am just a lucky being. BUT. I am very respectful about the theory, subjective LIVE experience of practicing artists, illustrators, art directors, gallery owners and other artists involved in art.

This experience you can absorbed in communicating with all these cool people. Also it possible by reading specialized literature, which begun to appear and translated into all languages ​​of the world with regularity that pleases me. In this article I will list the Russian-language books, as well as several English-speaking, which I read in the original.

Olga Rukina. Books about illustration

Yana Frank: «Muse, where are your wings?»,  «Secret knowledge of commercial illustrators », «Disaster in progress», «The Muse and the Beast».

Natalie Ratkovski: «Profession - illustrator: learn to think creative», «Draw everyday: a year with an artist».

Both authors are represented in the publishing house Mann Ivanov Ferber. Their books you can easily found in print and in e-form. What is interesting: Yana Frank and Natalie Ratkovski are live in Germany, but they also have experience in working with Russian-speaking countries. In their books they are showing common and distinctive features of interaction with different cultural mentality.

Heather Darcy Bhandari and Jonathan Melber «ART/WORK: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career». A good book for those who want to interact with galleries. 

Lisa Congdon «Art Inc.: The EssentialGuide for Building Your Career as an Artist». Very good book in which author write about practical side of illustrator career and take a break for philosophical questions about the purpose of art. This is my favorite book of this short list because of the peculiarities of its construction and the views that Lisa holds.

Blogs of various artists, where they describe the stages of  process of making their artwork, websites of galleries, online pages of book publishers such as Taschen — all this can also become a treasure chest into which you can “run a hand” and get something really valuable from there.

By the way, about the values ​​and souvenirs. My favorite souvenirs are books, brand books, postcards, flyers and other printed materials from all possible corners of the world. All this introduces me to the diversity of design from different cities and quality of printing. Its expand the boundaries of my perception of the culture of interaction between the brand and the person “from hand to hand”. The simplest postcard bought in a supermarket or a book purchased at a discount in the Arab quarter will be the best gift for me. Because it is “art from the street”, art that directly touches a person to skin, look and thinking with his light, airy beauty, which is closest to me among all possible beauties.

Read good books, support your favorite authors and enjoy the wonderful world of art in all of it — as diverse as the Itten color circle — manifestations.

The author of collage and text — Rukina Olga.
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