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I really love movies about musicians. Vinyl, Get Down, Amy. A few months ago I saw one more - the incredibly Straight Outta Compton. This movie tells the story of the NWA band - the legends of the world of rap and hip-hop. In my illustration is Ice Cube - one of the former members of the team and a character whose position I really liked. «Where's my contract? I write all the texts in the band, and for some reason I still do not have an official contract. That's not going to happen, man! We need to solve this issue!»

«What a nice state of mind» - I thought after hearing this - a very clear desire to define a legal status. «WHAT A NICE STATE OF MIND!» - I thought again, when Ice Cube, realizing that the manager cheated him, left the team. He don’t want to stay in illegal circumstances and begins solo work, no less cool and very beloved by me.

Copyright is damn important. Therefore, a little beat about the copyright in social networks. Even if all of the following items seem to you too simple and understandable, do not underestimate them. Perhaps it will someday come in handy to you. Even as an inner realization that what you created is yours. And nobody's more.

- Copyright. Always indicate it on your page in the social network in the form of a special icon, a signature in the «body» of the picture or in the text of the post.
- Obligatory signature of your authorship at the repost of your work. If your work is refused to sign by your name - complain to the technical support social networks. Your name as author must be indicated. And exactly in the form in which you as the author speak.

- Always read the rules of all social networks (sites), where you want to place your work. Because the paragraph on «partial or complete transfer of copyrights to work when placing it on our resource» is not a terrible dream. This is reality.

In general - briefly.

Listen to cool music. Take care of your artwork. And always defend your rights.

The author of the illustration and the text — Rukina Olga.
Olga Rukina illustration / Instagram / Facebook


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