Magic Deer

Olga Rukina. Magic Deer

Russian version

The illustration of the deer to decorate the children's room. According to the customer's wish, it was necessary to depict a magical creature with some cool and profound meaning, which would please an adult and a child. I chose bright, saturated colors and clear symbols the sun, as an image of inner light and leaves, which grow thanks to this nutritious warm.

Work on the order lasted 1 week (with a break for 1-2 days for refreshing the eye). One correction was made: pink snowflakes were replaced by blue stars. The image was completely prepared for printing and handed over to the customer so that he could work with the image on the surface he wanted: printing on paper, canvas or fabric.

When I was drawing this deer, I listened to the music for the movie Joy. This is the story of a young woman who invented a very prosaic, but useful product a new kind of mop. All 2.5 hours of the film, Joy falls into various difficult situations, experiencing it for endurance this is a steep story of the strength and will of an ordinary person who achieved the goal, relying on the internal force her inner sun. The track «I feel free» I listened to so many times. And, as I understood later, at its tempo and rhythm this composition reminds me very much of the sound of hooves of a running deer.

I did this order with great love. And I tried to put the following meaning into it. The most important landmarks are inside of us they are the only luminary to which one should pay attention. It is very important to be aware of one's desires, to believe in oneself and go to one's freedom. And I'm very glad that I can communicate such simple, but at the same time, complex meanings through my drawings. This is what I would like to hear in my childhood. This is what is useful to every young person for integrity and independence.

I hope the Magic Deer will be a good decoration for the children's room and will bring a lot of good emotions to both the child and the adult.

illustrator Olga Rukina

The author of the illustration and the text — Rukina Olga.
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