The Order with Hidden Sense

Olga Rukina. The Order with Hidden Sense

Commercial Illustration for the Ukrainian accessories leather shop. The idea of customer was to combine the Japanese ornament seigaiha, that decorating a new model of their purse, with images of a dragon and carp koi.

These creatures are the symbols of wealth, strength, savvy and endurance, that will be very useful to everyone on the path to achieving and multiplying this wealth. It was necessary to show, that a gift or purchase of  purse with an ornament similar to the scales of a dragon and carp will bring to its new master not only a beautiful and practical product, but also the symbolism and power of this gift through the images of the heroes of Japanese folklore.
Olga Rukina. The Order with Hidden Sense

In addition to the illustration in this order, I compiled an accompanying text, an article, explaining the meaning of the images of dragon and carp, ornaments on a purse and why you need to buy to yourself or to someone very dear this purse as a gift. It took a few days to create an illustration and text. The final maquette was accepted by the customer without changes and they posted it on the official website.

I am very respect this order because I am very impressed by Japanese culture, its traditions, aesthetics and symbolism. I am also like to use of ethnic motives in modern times. Refined Asian designs, African ornaments, Byzantine motifs and Arabic calligraphy. There is something harmonious and amazing in the created by ancient generations. Something massive, large-scale, stable and mysterious. The Inscribing meaning of a symbol with its further transmission and reading to new generations is what art does. And I am happy that I am a part of this beautiful and powerful process. 

The author of the illustration and the text — Olga Rukina.
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