Olga Rukina. DESIGN FOR OMANA band

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Illustration for the cover of the track Magic of the Ukrainian ski-fi rock band OMANA. This order came to me through the Internet from the leader and soloist of the band Bohomolnyi. According to Alexey Bogomolnyi's wish, it was necessary to depict an astronaut in the womb of a huge girl, which is look like a pink cosmos. To combine the pregnancy, sexuality, science fiction and rock. In my opinion, I had a very cool creative task.

The track Magic is very sensual and erotic, so what happened in the illustration should be in harmony with the context of the song. I painted a naked girl, the cosmonaut placed in a gradient placenta, and the DNA in the heroine's hand connected the idea of ​​micro and macro space together. In general, despite the nakedness and abundance of meanings, the drawing is very airy. When I look at it, I have associations with something light and immersed in my own a very special, weightless state.

The complexity of this order was in the length of his discussion, which was due to the absence at that time of the brief for the order. Now I have fixed this moment and my customers get a fairly detailed questionnaire, where I try to find out what they want. The drawing was used on the cover of the track itself, it was printed on T-shirts and posters of the group. All the result of cooperation you can look here.

The cover for OMANA is still loved by me. This is one of those pictures that you look at and you do not want to fix anything. Perfectionism does not work, you dissolve in this lightness of what is happening, trusting, swimming inside the great universal Mother, who bore you with love, tenderness and tranquility. This is a special art, and I'm glad that I became part of the creative work of such an unusual Ukrainian rock band as OMANA.

I wish to the musicians the inspiration, new achievements and, of course, perseverance towards their goals.

The author of the illustration and the text — Olga Rukina.
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