To look into the Creator

Olga Rukina.To look into the Creator.

Russian version

Who is the author, what is happening inside of his mind, where is he goes, where is he came from – it is necessary to look into his works. To look at the thing that makes a person, what style he use, which color palette often takes, into what images he puts his mind. What questions he asks in his art. Where it is submitted for review. Everything is very simple  this will point into his soul, thoughts & horizons.

Drawing is like meditation. Every artist meditates over what he bases. From the picture to the picture  same motives. This is something on which his consciousness is concentrated. Dipping his hands in the water, he starts to crush the clay, giving the shape. There may be another face, features, backgrounds, but the main idea will remain. I give a guarantee of 100%. No, wait a minute. I will increase the rate – 200!

The light of mind-lamp points directly, you just need to remove all the speculation, guesses, excuses in your head and let what is right in front of you be what it is.

What for?

To see the essence.

To look at the person of the creator directly. Do not think about good or evil. Do not get involved into the games of childish or adult falseness, be observant in order to avoid deceit, meanness, games. To understand the essence of the work and move on.

The author of the illustration and the text — Rukina Olga.
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