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Olga Rukina. Cooperation with shops.

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Before you look for a store for the sale of your artworks you need to:
- the presence of all the sources and files that will be stored exclusively in your hard drive, in case you have to prove to the seller or third party your copyright,
- to have in stock all the units that you are going to sell,
- to compile a price list, where all the items, price, description and photo of the goods will be listed.

If you decide to sell your products somewhere other than your website or blog, you need to remember a few simple but very important rules that are somehow connected with Her Majesty Goddess of Law and Justice.

If you sell your products through an online store or online platform, be sure to go to the terms and services menu and read everything. If you do not understand something, write to the online support platform. At the same time, you will check how this support service functions. To read all the conditions is a rule, which once and for all should become your personal professional commandment.

If you sell your products in a regular store - which has its main office, warehouse, show room, storefronts, cash register and friendly consultant. In this case you and the Justice will have to get to know each other closer because there are more nuances that you need to study.

Read all the terms of cooperation, if they are on the store's website.

Meet the store owner or the senior manager. You must to see all the documents proving that this store really belongs to the person to whom you give your artworks.

If it is a private entrepreneur (PE): a certificate of registration, a certificate of registration with a tax authority, a passport.

If this is a legal entity (LLC): a certificate of registration, a certificate of registration with a tax authority, a charter of a legal entity with activities, a power of attorney for the right to conclude a contract, a photocopy of the passport of the trustee.

If you already have picked up a store for yourself, but want to understand how it's going in reality with sales and how the store's relationship with sellers is developing - contact someone who is already represented or represented in past in this store. After all to search for information is another commandment, which I highly recommend you to remember.

If you decide to cooperate with the store, it is MANDATORY to make a written contract for the sale of your products, where absolutely all the details and conditions will be stipulated:
- the price of your product,
- the percentage of the store from the sale of your goods / your interest from the sale of goods in the store,
- the terms of all discounts on your product (for example, if the seller wants to make a discount he must to discuss this with you),
- the number of units of goods that you give for sale,
- the time period for which your product is supposedly to be sold,
- the conditions for advertising your product in the store (for example, through social networks or in the seller's website),
- the conditions for laying out your product (as well as in what quantity, it should be presented on the shelf in the show room) and so on.

This written contract must be certified by the seal of the state of emergency or LLC, signed by both parties and preferably certified by a notary.

When you transfer the goods to the store, you must also create the invoice. In the invoice you specifies the name (type) of the goods, its price, quantity and total value, as well as the amount of VAT. In addition, the invoice must contain the requisites of the transmitting and receiving parties, the handwritten signatures of the authorized persons and the seal of the organization.

The contract and the invoice must be in duplicate - one for you and one for the seller.

If the seller sends you a miscalculation from the expected sales of your product, be sure to ask for his financial statements for the identical position that has already been submitted in his store. This will give you a real understanding of how he sells similar products.

During the period for which you give your goods, visit the show room, the website and all social media of you seller. To make sure that the position of your product is in accordance with the terms of the contract, and the seller advertises your products during all the sales period – that he makes steps to ensure that your product is sold.

You should have all the possible control over the situation in your hands. For more information, please consult with a lawyer. Because consulting with a lawyer before doing anything about rights, duties and money is another commandment that I recommend that you remember.

I wish you a good day, fruitful cooperation and honorable partners.

The author of the illustration and the text — Olga Rukina.
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