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Olga Rukina. Good Qualities for Life.

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The Good Qualities that will help in your business, work, hobby or study. Qualities, the working out of which will be the best «pumping» for your personality and will be guaranteed support in the future in difficult, crisis or sudden situations. Qualities that will never let you down, like good soldiers powerful, faithful and priceless. This list is not exhaustive and very individual, but I will quote in my article those qualities that have already helped and continue to help me.

The ability to analyze and apply the already gained experience. It is the synthesis of all your previous mistakes — in dealing with people, customers, employees, etc. — which gives you the opportunity to track what and where you need to fix, how to change the vector of your behavior, understand, and most importantly — start living a little differently from you it's done before. It is the ability to learn from one's mistakes, through awareness, transformation and change in one's behavior.

The courage for a new experience. In a world where it would be nice to spend a little time in a zone with such hard-pressed personal comfort, very naturally that people don’t want to go beyond it — into an unknown space, with its new choice, new responsibilities and unknown consequences that always come. To do this, you need to be brave enough to go beyond your already existing limits and, as I believe, it should be based on the certainty that you already have something, that will not get anywhere from you, which is already stable and does not cause problems or excess attention. Courage for obtaining new experience is possible where there is already some kind of base, in the reliability of which a person is confident.

The integrity. In our head lives a thousand and one monkeys on a battery, which periodically begins to beat into copper plates. This forces us to fall into the state of procrastination and internal chaos. And this is normal. We are not robots. But, if a person constantly exists in a state of dispersal and does not feel his inner core — it can turn into a problem. Therefore, it is so important to feel your integrity, the strength of the inner fire, the strength of your personality, the strength of yourself, as a full-fledged unit. And this is perhaps the most important thing that I choose to work on every day.

The ability to trust yourself. The confidence in your feelings and logic is the place in your internal map, where you are guided in all the important decisions. It is your responsibility to yourself, a very deep acceptance of your intuition and intelligence, the ability to recognize and skillfully use your feelings for yourself. Trust to yourself requires a clear internal position. Because you must to KNOW what will be right for you.

The practicality. This is the quality that is necessary for a creative person because in his or her head it was initially more muted compared to, for example, the same rich fantasy. Practicality is to multiply two and two and get four. Not three, not two, not one, and certainly not a zero. This is a mixtape of calculability, strategic and sane critical thinking, which in the aggregate gives the most realistic vision of real situations, without idealizing and catching unicorns. If such practicality is properly cultivated within itself, in the future it is able to bring more complicated scheme «1+1 = 3».

The willingness to solve all existing problems and the difficulties that you will encounter on the way to realizing your idea.
The ability to enjoy the success of others.
The ability to complete the begining.
The perseverance. Which makes you to get up in the morning, go and do.
And finally ...

The feeling of yours wholeness. I saw a picture where different fruits and vegetables were cut into slices and assembled into one shape. Under this construction was the signature: «When you want to please everyone». If you want to please everyone and immediately - you will not be a fruit of one kind, you will turn into a salad of uncomparable flavors and smells. If you concentrate on your feeling and in the first place you want to please yourself, and AT THE SAME TIME you want to work on adequate self-image, healthy self-esteem, your responsibility to yourself, trust in yourself — that's cool, that's great, that's really GOOD for you and WILL help you in life.

This list is not exhausted. If you have qualities that you consider strong, give it the energy and a sense of life, make a list and think about how to develop them further, how to water it, how to fertilize it in the land of your personality.

I wish you a good day.

The author of the photo and the text — Olga Rukina.
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