Year of White Metal Rat 2020

Olga Rukina art. Year of the White Metal Rat 2020

I congratulate you with a new year 2020 of White Metal Rat ─ the year of an incredibly smart and interesting living creature, that perfectly knows how to adapt and get what it needs, how to penetrate into all cracks and holes, how to be absolutely omnivorous and very tenacious of life. This is an animal from which you can really learn a lot. The rat ─ small and cute ─ can become a favorite pet. But also it’s a dangerous cunning predator ─ the flock of rats will show anyone who is the master of this narrow alley.

The rat is a symbol of field, nature and harvest, but also of the streets, night city and garbage. «Who is the king of this scrapyard?!» It's stands, looks with shiny little eyes. Powerful teeth in the mouth, sharp claws on the paws. Be careful, go around. This is the Rat King. It's took everything: the city and the field.

Obviously, we will meet with ambiguous, but very powerful energy of life: fast, elusive, quick-witted, dangerous and prolific. I wish you good luck on this path: to hear all the rustling, to react swiftly, to make decisions quickly and, of course, to survive, to survive at all costs in the maelstrom of life, where the word "rat" is not an abuse, but a name of great power.

The author of illustrations and text — Rukina Olga.
Olga Rukina illustration / Instagram / Facebook

illustrator Olga Rukina. Year of the White Metal Rat 2020


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