The canvas of dream

Olga Rukina artist. The canvas of dream

Today I had a very pleasant and colorful night dream with good people and events. There were adventures and trips, chases and revelations, Arabian markets and the disclosure of top secrets. Everything was just fine, but at some point the plot of the dream ceased to be pleasant, and I, as a storyteller, participant and observer, really did not like it. Therefore, I decided to redraw everything, interrupt the canvas of the ongoing story and wake up.

«I just can’t fix the situation, which began to develop along the curve, which does not suit me. This continuation of the plot is not about what I want. So now I wake up and continue everything like I need». I opened my eyes, then closed them again and plunged into the state of dream, in which I was before, but in the scenery and circumstances that I needed ─ without distortion of the plot and events that did not go according to the pattern.

After such a «reset» the dream became even more intense than its previous «part». There were much more details in it and all its most pleasant moments seemed to shine with a new color of narrative fabric. When I finally woke up in the morning, I thought that I was doing such experiments not for the first time.

There were times, when I had nightmares or monsters and instead of running away or being afraid, I told myself in a dream: «This creature must be taken by the breasts and shaken, as it should! Come on! This is your dream! You are the mistress here, and it is you, who can do whatever you want here. But not this monster». It was a rather strange feeling. Given the fact that the monsters were really frightening, and the circumstances ─ exclusively in favor of my little courage, the size of a cutting line.

Perhaps in the future I will learn to work with my night visions more skillfully. For example, as in the movie «Inception», where the characters literally constructed the architecture of space and controlled dreams at extraordinary, fantastic level of awareness.

We'll see. After all, everything depends on a tenacious mind, skilled hands and dexterous fingers, the one, who creates.

The author of illustration and text — Rukina Olga.
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