The Time Rudder

Olga Rukina. The Time Rudder

Past. Present. Future. Three times that I feel most acutely at the junction of seasons: from winter to summer, from summer to winter.

How do I feel it? What associations i have? What are the first images that come to me when I pronounce: past, present, future?

Past. Muffled paints and smells, slow motion, light rays of light and dust. Archive. Steps that have already been passed, something that has already happened, events that I cannot influence. Recorded moments, events that are in the catalog of my life, from where I can get the experience that I need for now. The past is memory. To which are suitable moderate, calm and analysis-based actions. Archives and catalogs are best created and stored in a calm environment: with appropriate temperature, oxygen supply and order in details.

Future. Huge space, something wide-open, like a night sky with billions of stars, where, nevertheless, everything will be built according to some very specific pattern of motion. It is impossible to cover the whole sky, but it is quite possible to build a road with your steps, which is formed under the feet of one who is walking. I associate the future with the title of song «Journey of the Sorcerer», where you step on stars, surrounded by magical, voluminous, and very saturated space. Unknown place where any events and circumstances are possible. Cosmos is limitless and mysterious.

Present. Perhaps the only time that you can manage as much as possible. You no longer lead the past with the events it gave rise to, you just keep it with the lessons learned. You also do not fully own your future, because of sudden cosmic bodies going in their own orbit in your journey. But you own the rudder from your present, and this gives you tremendous power: will, influence, ability to transform and own, control, stop or squeeze the gas pedal to the floor, if you have decided about this actions. I associate the present with power and leadership. With control and a certain amount of power that you need to have in order to allow yourself to be responsible for the «now» moment.

The past, present and future as points on an infinite plane of coordinates follow one after the other and pass one into another at the moment of their origin. This is a very psychedelic process, which seems to me to be some kind of mathematical, although it is related more to philosophical reflections than to sciences.

Many philosophers have their own idea of ​​the time and the moment of «now». Someone describes it as something in which you can dissolve; for some, the present is seen as peace, to someone it’s the opposite something unstable and constantly changing. Everyone has their own associations, as well as with past, as well as with future. It seems to me that it is because of the individual perception of time that we can form our way of interacting with it. Therefore, I refer this article to a practice that everyone can apply.

How do you feel your time? What associate do you have with your time? What are the first images that come to you when you pronounce: past, present, future?

Feel your time. Feel its features. Give your attention to it.

The author of photo and text — Rukina Olga.
Olga Rukina illustration / Instagram / Facebook


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