The resource source

Olga Rukina. The resource source

A resource is a source where you can get everything what you need.

A material resource is all that is expressed in money: your income, savings, accounts, movable and immovable property, business, securities, inheritance, documentation, the results of your physical or intellectual labor — any financial reserves and flows.
The intangible resource is health, mental state, level of vital energy, survival rate, your resistance to stress, motivation, self-confidence, all qualities that are parts of your personality, your "I am”, ego and self-awareness. The intangible resources of each person include his time (the length of life), attention (it strength). And, of course, this is your fantasy, imagination, creativity, ideas, thoughts, ideas and talents of a person.

I also attribute the human environment to intangible resources: your family, relatives, friends and other relations with the outside world of varying degrees of closeness and strength; as well as knowledge sources: various courses, training programs and education.

Resources can be renewable, partially renewable and non-renewable. With this classification you can build your priorities use of certain resources.

Renewable resources are: money and everything related to property. This in no way reduces the value of these resources, but shows us that we can always or in most cases compensate for their shortage.

Partially renewable resources are: our mental and physical health. Once I saw a hewn wooden stick, which was stuck in the ground and it grew. From a stick there was a thin twig with a green fresh leaf. Below underground the roots are grew on the stick. It showed to this world that it was partially, but it could renew its resources even with such difficult for stick circumstances. We can recover even after a very serious loss of mental energy, severe stress or illness.

Non-renewable resource — the most valuable, most expensive, one that cannot be restored under any circumstances. This is our time. Time is merciless because priceless. And therefore is the most important human resource. Time is directly connected with another equally valuable resource — attention. Therefore a prerequisite for success in working with time and attention is not their waste but investment. In the right activities, aspects of life, people and situations.

What to do with the resource
You need to awareness it, control, protect from external encroachments, hold in balance and increase.

Awareness. This is not a poetic metaphor, but a very right attitude. A person must realize that he has tangible and intangible resources that has a real value and bring him the result that is needed.

Lawful ownership of resources. This is a very important point at the legal level. According to legal interpretation, “property is obliges”. This means that you are responsible for your resources.

Accounting and control. You have to know everything that happens with your resources: how they work, how they bring the profit or loss, how all the system is works, the reasons of its dysfunctioning and the ways to eliminate them.

Protection from external encroachment. “The first rule of business is to protect your investments”, — Etiquette of the Banker, 1775. Nothing has changed since 1775. Think about it.

Reasonable investment of existing resources to obtain the new ones. When I spend my time choosing and buying good products, I spend the resource of my time and attention. But I invest this attention and time in obtaining a high-quality food product with which I can make a profitable investment in the state of my body. Or another example: I spend money on a lecture or education, where I come with the goal of GETTING KNOWLEDGE. I invest my resources of money, time and attention in gaining KNOWLEDGE. Provided that this knowledge will be HELPFUL for me and PRACTICALLY applicable. It is always an investment that should benefit me in the future.

Reasonable investment of existing resources to obtain new ones is a real skill. A person can learn to aware resources, control them, he can even learn to protect them, but investing for profit — practical, tangible, not illusory — this is the real masterpiece.

From this skill depends the multiplication of resources, which usually follows after a successful chain of all previous actions. The phenomenon of karma, as a sequence, where one comes from the other with regular results in action.

How we spend the resources
The waste of resources can be constructive (to bringing further profit) or destructive (to causing losses). And waste and replenishment of resources for each person is a very individual process based on the peculiarities of the work of his psyche. One person will be happy with shooting in the dash, the second — with a trip to the opera, the third will be fill with strength from the album Jay Z, the fourth from the same album will go into procrastination because it has a terrible effect from rap. Someone puts difficulties and danger into the excitement, which is necessary for a good “hunt”, and someone is in a trouble with a lot of stress. Of all these multiple features, I will try to bring out the average temperature in the hospital, and write general signs of a waste of resources.

The first thing to start with: this is a subject causing damage to us. We can spend our own resources for nothing, or someone from outside can pull them out of us. This is perhaps the most important point because the knowledge of the person determines further actions. If we harm ourselves, we need to say to ourselves: “stop, what is happening?” If someone else is dragging us “out of pocket”, something needs to be solved with this person. For example, stop communicating.

The second is how we waste our resources: the holes through which our life force and potential flow away.

— the neglect of the body when we do not monitor the state of our health, do not treat existing diseases, do not go through scheduled annual check-ups at the doctors to control our condition. This may also include taking alcohol, drugs, tobacco, poor-quality food, overwork, lack of adequate physical exertion on the body, and mental tears, which sooner or later manifest through illness,

— the inadequate attitude towards yourself: low or painful, unstable self-esteem, lack of understanding of our talents, inability to express our thoughts and track our desires, failure to control our emotions and inability to defend our psy borders,

— the disregard of our property, housekeeping, pets, relatives, family members. Inability to manage and maintain your budget,

— the waste of time and attention to those situations and people who do not deserve it,

— the toxic environment and all its vampiric manifestations in relationships, when people around just “suck out” of our time, attention, strengths and components of character, in order to fill the lack of their resources,

— the accumulation of unconstructive relationships, which do not bring any practical benefit or are built on a base that is outdated for the current state of affairs. It is necessary to learn how to stop those connections that in “normal” conditions would have not existed for a long time and which do not bring you anything by themselves. It sounds very cruel, but at the heart of this statement is my personal vision of what is happening, in which friendship and communication are as valuable a resource as health and money. And the essence of this resource is that you improve your mental state in communication with people and help other people improve their mental state, and with this you invest into the COMMUNICATION resource between you. And in the "dead", covered with dust relationships, this never happens,

— poor working conditions, unloved activities, misunderstanding that in most cases you can find another job: with better working conditions, sane team and normal superiors.

This list is not limited to the items listed, and you can make your own: what makes you feel empty? What do you spend the lion's share of your energy on and get nothing in return? Where are you really unhappy? What actions would you like to stop doing? What would you like to replace all the negativity that has accumulated in your life? How do you personally feel your strength? What gives you a feeling of joy and happiness? Where are you wasting and where are you investing?

How to replenish your resources
It is necessary to carry out a very serious work — the so-called cataloging of ALL things that is in your life. This is really a titanic work and you need to be prepared for the fact that cataloging will take a lot of your time and attention. But, believe me, this will be the most useful, strong and cool investment in your further development.

In cataloging you need to start somewhere. In the process one will cling to the other. Over time you pull out the light and carefully consider absolutely all areas of your life.

— Start with your body. If it necessary — start a walk in the park, if it necessary —go to the reception to the psychologist. Go through all scheduled examinations, pay attention to your physical and mental condition. And be sure to "fix" where you are "broken",

— continue with items in your house. Throw away all that is unnecessary. Go through all the things in your household, comparing from your current state: what you need and what you need to get rid of,

— look at all the things that you left in your apartment. Perhaps you will discover that behind a pile of rubbish lies a box with your old drawings. And you, as it turned out, not a bad artist. Explore your talents and cultivate a healthy self-love. Notice what was hidden behind a layer of trash and garbage,

— pay attention to your material resources. Check all your finances, take control of spending it, return all your debts, remind about yourself to all your debtors,

— learn to defend your legal rights. Say “no” to all the disease-causing things and “yes” to what gives you real opportunities and growth,

— analyze your environment for adequate and inadequate characters, having measured their manifestations in your life according to your needs and spiritual comfort,

— engage in constructive, useful work that can become a hobby — something that will raise your self-esteem and level of general well-being.

Over time you will have the strength to a more radical and massive changes. For example, to change old job. Because your self-esteem will reach to that level in order to rewrite an unsuccessful resume, voice it and get exactly the level of conditions and wages that you really deserve. Or you decide to move to another country. Or even want to change the scope of activities. Think about it. Cataloging is a very powerful technique that can really change your life.

Why it is so important to reasonably approach your resources. Because it is a guarantee of your survival, safety and further development. After all this is how we can save ourselves from the uncontrollable expenditure of all our material and non-material reserves. And it's not just about money. It is about the very source of life that is within each of us.

Time is final. And, as Abraham Lincoln used to say, it is not the years of life are important, but life in those years. Therefore it is so necessary to invest this — the most valuable resource of time — in something that really benefits and makes us stronger and happier.

I wish you to be constructive. Remember that from immemorial times always and everywhere resources have been the most important in the life of mankind. That’s why people and states fight for it. That’s why you should appreciate your resources and treating it very carefully. Invest what you have in quality, useful and valuable, and do it for your future growth and prosperity.

The author of illustration and text — Rukina Olga.
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