The Power of Attention

Olga Rukina. The Power of Attention

Attention is one of the most important human resources. It has the ability to revive all on what its directed at. If we speak in the language of images, attention looks like a searchlight or a beam that illuminates those objects, that fall within the radius of its light.

Each person has his own power of attention. In each case it depends on the level of awareness, how much a person is able to understand his thoughts, feelings and actions, see the connection between events in his life, plan his future, using past experience, feel himself and other people — the level of his empathy, mental and intellectual development, common horizons and, of course, freedom or dependence on pathological internal scenarios. From the last point is particularly dependent on what people are aimed.

If our attention is riveted on destructive people or events, this drains our strength, we begin to lose such important energy resources as health and opportunities.

If our attention is focused on something useful, correct, consistent with our internal principles, on something holistic, fundamental, creative — something constructive — in present and in future it will bring to us inner strength and external support.

In addition to strength, there is also the quality of attention, which depends on the intent. If a person provides attention with a conscious or unconscious goal to harm, such attention will bring losses. If a person has no evil intentions on his mind, then the result of this attention will be fine. The principle «By their fruits you will get knowledge of them» in this topic is 100% valid.

The objects of attention and time are always interrelated. The more we devote time and attention to something, the more alive it becomes: it acquires its base, foundation, structure, development and, of course, brings its own — relevant — fruits.

There is a lot of techniques with attention and time. Meditation, concentration in the study of something, breathing practices, yoga, any exercise, work in the style of «when you are cooking sushi, concentrate on sushi», creativity, various psychological techniques etc.

In my opinion, one of the best practices is to start doing something that is valuable to you. Which reflects your personality and all good and strong qualities that are in you. It must be something very clear, distinct and expressed - that you and other people, can see, hear, touch or try in any available to mind and body way.

It can be anything: hobbies, work, business, family, relationships, self-development, traveling etc. The main thing is that it must to bring you a feeling of fullness and confidence.

Business (case, work) as a concentration technique is so strong and powerful that even starting, for example, with a small hobby, you can eventually draw all the components you need to this peculiar center:

🔺you will improve your mental well-being, character qualities that were previously hidden will manifest better, you will understand yourself, your boundaries and features, begin to learn new skills, which will entail the development of new neurons in the brain, and this rejuvenates the entire body and, accordingly, prolongs your life. In this process you will surely see yourself a little differently than you have seen before and become ready for the changes that will follow afterwards.

Pure energy of existence — this is what attention is. Therefore so important to understand and choose what you actually invest in. That’s why in all times there were events and people who wanted to get your attention and your time: ideologies, cults, religions, mass media, trends, PEOPLE, creating personality cults in completely different areas: from fashion and acting to faith and politics. To get the source of another person’s life is the main task of all these formations, the toxicity of which varies from the degree of their impact on brain.

Research the attention and practice of various related techniques will help you to improve the quality of life, to organize yourself, to learn new and necessary skills, to become a more adult and responsible person, to see how the psyche of other people works. For example, you start to notice better who and how tries to get your attention or how a person manipulates. This is very interesting process, because it gives you a very clear picture of what complexes control people and what can be expected in general from relations with them. This is the reverse side, a certain payment for acquaintance with knowledge: you see everything in the volume, with all its chips and layers. And it is difficult, but incredibly beautiful, because it explains all the diversity of world around us.

I wish you save the energy of your existence, to pay attention exclusively to the things you need and to receive from it good and weighty fruits, which will surely show you where you need to go next.

The author of illustration and text — Rukina Olga.
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