John Doe who has been working in network marketing since the age of 18, achieved serious results in his business by the age of 35, reached a high level in his career, earned a small but weighty capital, gained the necessary experience and knowledge. John was almost full except for one thing — something at the level of ego attracted and tickled. He wanted to receive something more: fame, love, trust, worship and deification of his person. With the incessant flow of money, naturally.

Therefore John wrote the book «I know how to live a real life!», changed his surname to  Mister Fantastic and began, at first little by little, and then more and more actively and actively promote himself. But not as a salesman, but as a guru and a psychologist. John was a truly talented sales person, he intelligently used his knowledge gained in the field of network marketing — techniques, approaches and principles — to build his actively growing sect that supplied all resource that John need 24/7.

Why did he succeed? John was talented and capable. He had practical knowledge that he applied in the sale of services and goods — not of a material but spiritual nature (which is always sold under the same scheme). John organized the correct hype around himself as a specialist. He hired a designer who creates everything "modern" for him. And most importantly John managed to tell ONE coherent story. He brings it to life with all possible means and immerse his listener in the atmosphere that John needed for PRACTICAL results.

I want to note that John’s books and courses are not destructive; he tells various cool things on his YouTube channel, he is ok with a sense of humor, etc. BUT when John aspirated begins to broadcast: «This is an absolute bestseller, which is sold in 137030 countries of the world! This is your last chance to purchase my book with a 20% discount»— I cannot resist and start to smile.

All names are fictitious. Any matches are random.

The author of illustration and text — Rukina Olga.
Olga Rukina illustration / Instagram / Facebook


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