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Olga Rukina. New personality on the go

An excellent example of storytelling in cinema can be a short scene from 3rd episode of 1st season of «Preacher». Heroine Tulip O'Hare exceeds the speed on the road and stopped by a policeman. As soon as the policeman gets out of his car Tulip opens the glove compartment and pulls out a gun, a driver's license and a ring. To these three attributes of the subsequent storytelling the heroine adds a suffering face.

The policeman asks Tulip to get out of the car. The heroine agrees, but before that shows to policeman the ring on her hand — the ring that she took out of the glove compartment just a few seconds ago. The policeman notices this decoration and radically changes his attitude towards the violator, because this ring is a sign of the military. For him Tulip is no longer a criminal. Now she is the same servant of order, a former military person, like him. A woman injured by the war who has been near Kandahar — so strong but so fragile...

Further Tulip tells the story why she exceeded the speed — about a friend who “went on a bad road” and how she wants to help him, rushing full steam ahead to his house. After this story Tulip begins to cry. The policeman is very penetrated of all this tragedy. He wishes her to cope with all the difficulties and sets Tulip free.

The heroine is engaged in storytelling — she plunges the policeman into her story in order to achieve the result she needs: to leave without problems. For this she uses special attributes of story: ring, history of the invented past associated with it, EMOTIONS associated with it. She speaks in a “language” that policeman understands, making it SO, that he becomes sympathetic towards her and lets her go.

In the dialogue with the policeman Tulip turns into a bare nerve, where every muscle, every wrinkle on her face works on her role. In this story all the elements of storytelling were involved (design / communicate / immersion). And all the attributes. In addition to the gun. Which, thanks God, wasn't used.

The author of text — Rukina Olga.
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