Drama in storytelling

Olga Rukina. Drama in storytelling

«Be open, become vulnerable, share your personal feelings, add yourself to what is happening. And now you are much closer to your subscribers, and you get what you need». These are tips that you can hear from any PR and SMM masters. They are cool and ambiguous. Steep because effective. Ambiguous because not everyone can follow them. For one it will be torture, and for another — a real attraction: with balls, carousels, sweets and a clown from «It».

Speaking about yourself something personal (in the sphere of your business, sales, etc.), you involve people in co-experiencing. Viewers are immersed in your story like a TV show. And, since it is often difficult for people to restrain their spiritual impulses, they react: in the form of comments, likes, holywars, reposts, and, of course, spontaneous purchases of your goods, as a piece of this exciting story in which they cannot participate just like ordinary spectators, but as owners of what is happening.

If “more drama” in your public history becomes a regular occurrence, a whole plot can be put together: one event changes into another, with a change of scenery and characters, with reflections on the subject, dialogues with your public, victories, defeats , moments of extreme exaltation and spiritual fall to the bottom.

As a result you become not a person, but a character who gives the viewer what he loves and wants most: action.

From the Greek "drama" is translated as "action", "act". An active process, changing itself and transforming everything around it — there is something very deep, full of LIFE, exciting. In this action you and your store are no longer boring shelves with stuff, but the sacred Trimurti, in which there is Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Keeper and Shiva the Destroyer. It is much more interesting to observe and participate in such events than in the boring and understandable “just buy”.

The author of illustration and text — Rukina Olga.
Olga Rukina illustration / Instagram / Facebook


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