I treat astrology as practical tool for understanding the reality around me. Along with psychology, logic, physiology, anthropology and other sciences, it became one more beautiful and strong source of knowledge to me. Therefore, I try to keep track of all the events in the world of the Celestial Spheres and make predictions that have never confused me. They gave to me the volume and integrity of life.

2019 is coming. The year of Yellow Earth Pig. Although it is still November, and we did not say «bye-bye» to the Year of Yellow Earth Dog, it is a good habit to plan the future. Therefore, if you believe in astrology, you will certainly be interested to know the prediction.

As we see from the name, 2019 will continue the trends of 2018. The yellow color and the elements of the Earth are symbolizing the sphere of obtaining and translating knowledge in practical activities. It’s symbolizing your earnings, money, your basic resources, everything that is necessary for your material base, prosperity and further growth.

Dogs are close to humans. They are funny, emotion-filled creatures, so if in 2018 we were too emotional and chaotic (like a Dog), in 2019 we need to be calm, balanced and stable.

The pig is a very controversial animal. Many consider it as «dirty», because pigs love to swing in the puddles, climb in the garbage and they are absolutely not selective in food. But, if you look at this creature as a symbol, it opens up much more interesting features.

All pigs are fat. This is a natural craving for the accumulation of stocks, the constant search for new resources that accumulate in the form of fat. For us, this can be a new vision and understanding of how to earn and save more money, how to feed up not a physiological, but financial «fat».

Pigs are one of the smartest animals on the planet. They are easy to learn and adapt to changes in the external environment. BUT. Pigs eat everything. Therefore, it is necessary to beware of indiscriminate fanaticism in the choice of means in obtaining and accumulating the desired, because «taking everything from life is unhygienic».

Based on its astrological features, the year of Yellow Earth Pig will be very rich, full of sudden events. Therefore, it will be very cool if you start thinking in advance: what resources you would like to multiply, what you would like to get rid of and what to devote your full attention to.

I wish you a good coming year.

The author of illustration and text — Rukina Olga.
Olga Rukina illustration / Instagram / Facebook


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