Movie – Exaltation

Olga Rukina. Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddie, my Darling.

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Close your eyes. And ask yourself. What is music for you?

I think a lot of people will connect music with something pleasant, sensual, touching the heart. Childhood melodies from sizzling vinyl records. Compositions on cassettes and reels. Songs recorded on shiny CDs. Music files. Clicking a button, turning a knob, pressing a key, and, voila!, the inner vaults of soul space temple are filled with rich sound. The surrounding reality acquires with a new colors, all the stained glass windows and frescoes play inside their brightness in the sun, and it smells like you are seized by a kind of natural drug. The opiate of your body. That creates images, sticks them together frame by frame and weaves them into an exciting plot where you are the hero, and the world around is your playground.

This is Life. Strength. Pure energy of beauty. Which comes to our Universe through exploding, sometimes exalted characters, whose internal resources are able to pass through themselves and show the full power of Her Majesty.


It seems to me that Freddie was born to sing like he was. To move like he did. To talk and give interviews like he talked. When, as a child, I looked at his face on the cover of a disc, I thought: how strange he is to the last bone.

«I have 4 extra cutters. That is why my voice has such a sound. More space in the mouth greater range» says Rami Malek, who played Freddie, and I again think: strange to the last bone. But awesome!

I cannot miss the premiere, which was preparing for so long. In the cinema a lot of people, right in front of me sits an old man. He is clearly skeptical. A fan of the «old school». He wants to make sure that all the best has already passed, that modernity cannot surprise him, touch him, prove that she also KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS, just like he is...

Two hours later, this man stands in the hallway. He is knocked down, confused and impressed. «Awesome! Awesome movie!» he says. Modernity impressed him by its sensitivity, harmony of the script, the beauty of all the characters. Work of the actors.

Rami Malek is beautiful, as naked «nerve». The naked soul, revived Freddie. He plays so that you cannot tear away from the movements of his body, face and expressions. Like mercury, he took shape, becoming Freddie Mercury, and seemed to me here he is, alive, in a beautiful frame, standing on the stage of Wembley Stadium. Alive, talented, like God Mercury and strange to the last bone.

This is a delight. Pure, not mixed with anything, the excitement of a natural drug that the body produces when the melody and rhythm resonate with the space of your inner temple.

Music is a delight. Especially if it came to this world through such exalted musicians as Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon and he Her Majesty's King immortal Freddie Mercury.

The author of text — Rukina Olga.


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