Storytelling is the ability to design, communicate and immerse your listener or reader into reality that is necessary for the narrator himself. Naturally, with a specific purpose, which in many ways forms how exactly all the component parts of this complex and very beautiful process will be performed.

Design of storytelling is possible if the storyteller can choose from the entire array of information those words, phrases and facts that fulfill the function that will hook the listener and will keep his attention.

Communicate of a story is possible when the narrator speaks with his audience in the correct language that is understandable and satisfies its immediate needs for the information that it’s willing.

Immersion into the history is possible if two previous points worked, and the narrator managed to catch the balance of what was happening. Immersion into the history is like sounding in unison with the narrator, when he, by what and how he says, and you, by the way you listen to him, are the one as a very harmoniously sounding musical group.

This is a very simple scheme, where the main thing is to understand the principle on which everything is built. The remaining (no less important) nuances, such as the place and circumstances for the narrated story, the time that must be gained to obtain the desired effect, the effects — the smoke and mirrors of your syllable, its rhythm and sense of balance — all this comes with experience.

The very concept of storytelling came into our speech through marketing, as an effective method for promoting and selling products, goods and services. But, if you think about storytelling - it’s everywhere, starting with your appearance and ending with contact with the personal history of another person.

This is an amazing tool of the combination of the work of intelligence and speech. And the one who wants to learn to use this tool will get one more skill needed in the modern world: the ability to construct a story, communicate it to your audience and immerse it in the state that a narrator needs.

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The author of the illustration and the text — Rukina Olga.
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