Laughter as a Magic Tool

Olga Rukina. Laughter as a Magic Tool

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Laughter is a very powerful tool of the psyche that can act both as a life-giving medicine and as a destroying poison. It all depends on the purpose for which a person ... laughs) It sounds strange, but the psyche does not do anything «just like that», because behind each of our reactions there is a conscious or unconscious. Therefore, laughter, depending on the purpose for which we laugh, can help us to improve our mental state, to raise our general mood, to reduce anxiety, to create a friendly and joyful atmosphere around. And it can perform a completely different role — toxic and very dangerous. At the root of this duality is the aforementioned intent of the person who laughs — this is the intention to create with your laughter or the intention to destroy — vile, viciously and cunningly.

Let's start with the simple. Light laughter over the situation. If it is necessary to reduce the importance of what is happening. This is a slight irony, behind which there is no strain, anger and hatred for what is happening. A person is more likely driven by a desire to see the positive side of events, switch to a brighter and more optimistic perception through the plot color in light comical tones. It looks like a walk in the park — so necessary to refresh your head and body for the upcoming work, seeing the whole state of things from the outside.

Toxic laughter over the situation. Its full of anger, which translates into a stream of very tough sarcasm, which takes the form of caustic remarks to what is happening, arrested with a clear desire «to make it all end quickly». Such laughter is on the verge of whining, a flash of non-constructive aggression and something else — vile and sticky — which makes it very difficult to wash off. In the literal sense: with hot water and soap.

If a light laugh helps to cope with difficulties and find a way out a problem, then a toxic laugh is aimed at escaping from reality and responsibility. This can take very critical scales, when person can only spit out a tirade from a mixture of cynicism and humiliation on any action or word addressed to him during work or other interaction. It is impossible neither to cope with this, that is why it is very difficult to cooperate with such characters or stay with them in any other relationship.

Light laughter with someone. The priceless pastime. It's so great to just laugh with another person, to cheer up both yourself and his mood, coming together in this sparkling, magic-like, joint leisure. It is an amazing feeling in which you touch your souls with each other. Because at the moment of such laughter you are open, like children, full of happiness and joy. And this is exactly the state that is capable of giving a huge charge of vital forces for the future.

Toxic laugh with someone. This is malicious mockery, gossips and talks, where all the possible filth is rushing to an uncontrolled lump outside. The subject of the conversation is carried to pieces with the help of very caustic phrases, degrading remarks and devaluing comments. In such conversations, where someone is toxically laughing with someone, there is no unity of bright souls. These conversations are necessary for people who are accustomed to such communication, are «charged» from the negative, adore the sufferings of others, and watch every step of the world around them in order to give the next portion of poison from their mouths.

Light laughter at someone. The real skill. It is very important to do everything so as not to offend and not hurt other person. Rather, raise a person's nose in a difficult period with a good light joke, in which that small but life-giving light will be necessary to invigorate. In terms of ethics is possible among loved ones.

Toxic laugh at someone. This is a purposeful, intentional, hyperbolic devaluation of all good that is in the other. It is a process when one person with a trained eye notices some small randomness in the other and begins to «ride» with his sarcasm, throwing into someone else’s soul garden not stones, but all possible wastes of life activity.

If a kindly light laughter is aimed at provoking and raising the mood of a friend who is dropping a little, then a toxic laugh is ruining all the situation to the end.

Toxic laughter over themselves. SO terrible. And SO destructive for its carrier. It’s, like any drama, gathers around all the possible «vultures» of the human race. This is truly a process of decay, which at first may look funny, but when you look deeper, you understand - this is a trash chute for self-assessment and the worst way to relate to yourself and the outside world.

In contrast to the kindly light laugh at themselves. Which, like a soft wind, is carried farther, farther, farther to a real understanding of the whole value of such a genius tool.

This is constructive and creation. After all, what could be better than an elegant, very subtle joke, which is pronounced casually and easily  so as not to overlap the entire existing portrait. It, like a light flare, slides through the image, bringing one person closer to another, evoking a feeling of trust, openness and ... humanity. After all, a joke is like a kind of «flaw» in something ideal and perfect, which gives a general melody liveliness, youth, courage, pleasant spiciness and freshness. This is art. Perhaps one of the most interesting in the perception of self, because in its essence lies Her Majesty Self-esteem. And it depends on her how a person will joke on himself. It depends on her how a person will joke on others. And it depends on it intent — the intention with which your mind decided to laugh.

During laughter, we breathe more oxygen  it enters our lungs, blood and brain. It improves our mind well-being, removes all internal clips, raises from the level of grief, sadness or apathy to the level of peace and joy. The sound of one's own laughter is pleasant to our ears, wrinkles around the eyes over the years are paint our faces. If someone laughs loudly nearby, we, without noticing it, also began to smile.

Huge power in loud and rolling, or in quiet and gentle. Think about it and smile, rejoice and laugh more often.

The author of the illustration and the text — Rukina Olga.


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