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Olga Rukina. What to read?

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The subtle art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson. With this book I have a dramatic relationship of love and hate. Hate — because I did not agree with all the author's thoughts. But love because I've never read such a cool and honest book about popular psychology. It contains several very basic, simple and strong life principles that will help the reader to strengthen their sense of identity. Pofigizm in the context of this work is the ability to realize what problems need to be addressed, and which ones should not be given the most expensive and irreplaceable resources — our attention and time. Good work, based on personal experience of the author.

The Willpower Instinct: How Self—Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It by Kelly McGonigal. If Mark Manson shows us one art, then Kelly McGonigal gives the master class in another — no less subtle. Her book combines a scientific story about the work of the brain with understandable examples and a simple language of narration — without «water» or «dryness» of what is happening. This book about the discipline. Main fact in it that any skill, any desired ability can be developed with the help of everyday, short exercises, by shaking your will power, like a muscle.

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. The book was written in 1513, but has not lost its relevance in our time. What are the qualities of a political leader, the methods of governing the state, how to treat subordinates, how to build relations with other powers and so on. Not a direct indication, but useful knowledge, if you are interested in psychology or management.

King Rat by James Clavell. 1945, Singapore, the camp for the British, Americans and Australians prisoners. Heat, unsanitary conditions, hunger, disease and a very detailed history of the relationship between people. What will the Rat King be in these truly hellish conditions? What qualities does he have? What will be needed to maintain life in it and how all these sacrifices turn around for Him at the very end — i it read for a day.

Poorly Made in China: An Insider's Account of the China Production Game by Paul Midler. We often hear about the culture of this country, about its aesthetics, about traditions, cuisine, legends and painting of Chins. But the details of the processes of creation, design and sale of goods, trade and business in China — this is the most interesting, because it gives a completely different idea of ​​the Chinese people. If you think that you live in a non—client—oriented country, that everything is very bad with the service, that you do not value as a buyer, that the production of the "national product" is at a prehistoric level —read this book. And you will find out that a pierced bottom is not a bottom, but a real parallel reality, from which you can get garbage and treasure.

Harry Potter by Joanne Rowling. A non-children's book with a complex and multilevel plot, which is very interesting to consider in the context of the psychological portraits of characters: «Chosen» Harry Potter, «Evil» Voldemort, «Dark Horse» Dumbledore, «The youngest of the family» Ron Weasley, «The Champion of the Rules» Hermione. Good, evil, a world of people and magic — inside the woman who created the world of Hogwarts there are so many experiences, so many unique fantasies. One day I will pay special attention to the books of Joanne Rowling in order to understand in more detail this wonderful world of magic.

From «how to get the money» to a different world and sorcery. I believe that we need to study all this amazing range of shades, not limiting anything to the breadth of our worldview.

I wish you  to read good books. It will be a profitable investment in your development, that expand and deepen your horizons and bring the intellectual pleasure or decorate your leisure.

Have a nice day.

The author of the illustration and the text — Rukina Olga.
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