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Olga Rukina.The boxer purpose

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For what purpose does the boxer practice?

For what purpose he exposes himself to everyday stress and strict regime? For what purpose the boxer need to have strength, self-discipline and self-discipline? Why is he do such a huge work on himself, where the important role is played by the coach and the whole team of professionals close by?

Diet, training, rest — everything in the life of the athlete is clearly constructed according to his purpose — simple, understandable, but, at the same time, complicated, because it requires huge expenses of the mind and body. The health of the athlete, the strength of his spirit, endurance, self-control, determination, perseverance, readiness to take risks, the desire to take a step every day to the intended result, to get up when he fell, without lowering his hands when he failed. All this for the purpose that the athlete has set for himself.

It determines what is good and bad for the boxer. It is the center of his life, around which everything that exists in the world of this athlete is built.

«Good» and «bad» here are outlined. It is bad that worsens the athlete's health, has a harmful effect on him, undermines his self-esteem, negatively affects his ability to quickly navigate the situation and forces him to take frankly bad decisions. Good — this is what prolongs his life (with all the danger of this kind of sport), what strengthens his will, self-control, gives to him confidence, supports in a difficult time, improves material condition, brings new profitable ties and contracts.

If the boxer loses his main purpose, get down his hands, contacts with bad people, starts using alcohol or drugs, if he listens to the illiterate coach, don’t takes care about nothing, spending his money and resources on rubbish and slag — he will lose, he will become nobody.

And if he concentrates on strengthening health, motivation, desire, ability to do everything right, according to the training plan and the chosen combat strategy, he will find a good coach and surround himself with a close-knit team of professionals — all this will give him such fortitude that he himself will become a fortress. He will create a kind of Camelot :)

I'm not a boxer, but:
This all about the strength of a person, about the inner power in all of us. The fact that everyone inside on personal training — in work with self-control and self-discipline — alone with the choice of what is bad, what is good, what helps us or hinders in achieving a personal goal. We choose that weakens us and takes away our inner strength, makes us sick, broken and that leads us away from the cherished goal. But we are also able to choose what gives us power — an indestructible fortress inside.

For what purpose does the boxer practice? This stubborn, brave and
Single-minded character. Let everyone choose his own purpose — that has the personally weight and strength.

The author of the illustration and the text — Rukina Olga.
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