Smile to Piggy Box

Olga Rukina. Smile to Piggy Box

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Today I met two women with the characteristic to which I feel a thrill in my heart: a connection of respectful age with love of life, bright eyes and interest in the world around them. They were about 70 years old, both looked very beautiful and smiled. We talked with them about music, modern literature, technology, about people, various reactions to difficulties, about life. And one of them said:

«You know, after so many years and events, I came to one very important conclusion: our life will end, and this must be accepted as a reality. And you have to live this life with a light heart, with joy. Do not pay attention to evil people, to rudeness, to someone else's bombast. It's all so insignificant, so passing ... And life is one. And your life should be very, very much appreciated by you».

The second women agreed with her and advised me always to understand everything in order to have my own personal autonomy, feeling good from this ability to be independent everywhere .

«So that you know how and what to do right. So that you could enter all the necessary numbers and data by yourself. It's so great, there is some feeling of pride that you are not helpless».

It was a good conversation, after which I had a very pleasant feelings inside. It was a conversation with people whom I would like to remember and store in my Inner Piggy Bank.

We save some coins for the future to get them on hard days. These small coins can very help to us in a difficult situation. With pleasant memories, good advice and kindhearted people there a similar story. Putting aside all good meetings, festive and inspiring moments in memory, we are form something like a Piggy Bank in our heart. It can be created with a pen and a notebook, a text file or in your head without writing down: make a list of all the pleasant days, bright smiles and warm moments, heartfelt desires and supporting words. So that when there is trouble, grief, some very traumatic experience, for which we need an understanding that not everything was or will be bad, we extracted from the Inner Piggy Bank memories and confirmations that there are many good people, that the world is a friendly place in which there are those who can smile to us. With kindness and openness.

Once I compiled a list of such moments, remembering the maximum number of people and situations that gave me hope, encouraged or extended a helping hand. And it helped me to overcome a difficult moment on the path of personal growth and development. I want to take these women and their advice to my Inner Piggy Bank good moments. So when it's will be hard times for me, I could remember their kind, smiling faces.

I wish you more bright moments in your life. That you had something to keep inside. Something strong. That will support you and show how the world is handsome and generous.

The author of the illustration and the text — Olga Rukina.


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