Deal with Fear

Olga Rukina. Deal with Fear

An Indian god with a human body and an elephant's head. A special god within each of us: he embodies the wisdom gained after passing through our most false and gloomy attitudes. So do not tell Ganesha how great your fears are. Better tell your fears how big your inner Ganesha is.

A creative person is the same person as everyone else. And he is just as everybody afraid to make the mistake or miss a good opportunity. Who of those who create, never shakes in front of a white sheet of paper? Who, before sending the layout to the customer, was not baptized three times, so that everything was fine? Who did not tremble before his very first exhibition? Creative people are afraid just like everyone else. Perhaps even more, because the flight of fantasy is able to grow a problem the size of a god where, in fact, the inner god is much larger and more powerful than this bloated problem.

No one will like what I did.
The common fear. An imposed conviction in the head. I lived for a very long time in nature, and then I had to return to the city. I sat in the subway car at the terminal station and started out of habit to gaze at others. From stop to stop, the number of people in the train, like their variety, increased. There were representatives of very many nationalities and ages. Everyone is different, as if representatives of all corners of the world gathered in this one train. And all of a sudden, quite suddenly, I thought that they — EVERYONE — did not care who I was or what I was doing. Unless, of course, this is not something extraordinary, which has agitated the order in the train. That the world of all these people does not care: I'm thin or fat, rich or poor, whether I cook well or not, whether I made a good outline in my drawing or not. The world does not care for all these details. He does not care. And from this I get such freedom in realization, which personally I would not have, if the whole train looked at me without stopping and waiting for some action.

Then I thought about how often I came across criticism of what I was doing, with dislike, with an open «raid» on my work. And according to my calculations, it happened just a couple of times, and most of those I know or to whom I showed my illustrations from strangers — supported them and expressed positive emotions from what I saw.

In this very short trip in the train, which took me about 15 minutes, I realized that I cannot make them all love me, and, especially, around the clock about me to think or approve of my every move. The length of this trip, multiplied by the number of people who filled the train, gave me some very strange understanding that there are many people in the world, and I am one, and I have very little time, by the standards of the universe. Therefore, worry about «and suddenly someone does not like my work» is not worth it. Except when these are very specific people — my customers, and they pay me money. Also, in addition to customers, among those who MUST like what I do, there is one more person. And he looks at me every time I look to the mirror ... )))

It turns out badly and not the fact that I can do everything perfectly.
Probably all creative people are subject to this «illness». And the medicine from her is a simple thought, like a mug with tea — and ideally it is not necessary. Because it will never be perfect. And «really good» is a level to which you can and should strive, which you can really achieve by training and translating into practice the received knowledge.

On the way to achieving this level, when «not perfect, but really good», the phrase I heard from the make—up artist helps me a lot. «Any product can be made to work,» says a professional who can do his job as cosmetics from a luxury and budget brand, whose hands grow out of the right place, and on the shoulders there a head that perfectly understands what to do. And in all this trinity of properly placed body’s parts, skill is obtained through experience. Therefore, every time when it seems to me that I cannot complete my work, I always remind myself that any product can be made to work. Any drawing or text can be brought to the mind and this mind does not have to be without any roughness. The main thing is to really pay attention to your work.

We must do what people like.
There are too many passengers in this train. And all of them have different visions of what is «beautiful». There are those who do not like Mona Lisa, there are those who consider the paintings of Basquiat as a terrible echoes, or those for whom oil is the only artistic material that has the right to exist. If you orient yourself to all of them, you can go crazy and fall into a coma next to the canvas or tablet.

This fear is fed by such a phenomenon as social networks and the approval of the environment by likes.

Likes are pleasant, enthusiastic or approving exclamations — too, I will not hide this. But sometimes what people like and what the author likes to do themselves have a different direction And here it is very important to be honest with yourself:

What do I like personally? What gives me personally, as the creator of the work, the greatest satisfaction from the process and result? What gives me the greatest freedom and control over the expression of an idea? This is probably the only thing that really needs to be bathed, part of the way to find your style and work with it, something that is important for the mental health and inner comfort of the person who creates it.

I cannot sell what I do.
This fear stems from the theme: «You cannot do anything» and «You do not need by anyone». You can sell your work. The main thing is to have the DESIRE to get out to your viewer, to have what you want to sell (service or final product) and invest (time or money) in marketing, in promotion, and convincing people that they cannot sleep, there is breathe without your work.

Modern plans of promotion, such as social networks, networking in live etc — are very cool and work perfectly if you have the intention to sell yourself as a producer, author or service provider. The main thing is to understand how to deal with these sales and promotion. Look at the Kardashian family. They are popular exclusively through marketing. Their whole life is built on the right methods of selling themselves as a product. Like the life of other popular things, brands, authors and performers in our century. Everything is real. The main thing is to understand how exactly you need to «sell» your work. If you are not «bought» by others, this does not mean that you have no talent. This means that you have not done anything so far to be «bought».

It seems to me that either fear and its reverse side — the extracted wisdom — are somehow similar and interrelated? Let’s look closer.

The reverse side of fear «nobody will like it» — «the main thing is that I like it first of all. Or someone who pays me money for work».

The reverse side of fear «turns out badly and not the fact that I can do ideally» — «any product can be made to work. The main thing is to pay attention and enough time to the work, striving for a really achievable level, where I am not ideally, but really good».

The reverse side of fear «you have to do what people like» — «you have to do what you like personally».

The reverse side of fear «I cannot sell what I do» — «you can sell anything. The main thing is to have the desire to be seen, to have in stock what you want to sell, to decide on the price, to study the ways of selling and start to try them in practice».

Do not tell Ganesha how great your fears are. Better tell your fears how big your inner Ganesha is. I wish you to feel your inner strength, to catch the connection with your personal confidence and to include your Ganesha to the fullest, in order to overcome all difficulties and achieve the result you need in creativity.

The author of the illustration and the text — Olga Rukina.
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