Reality of Good People

Olga Rukina. Reality of Good People

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Our environment is never accidental and reflects what is happening inside of us. People, selected by the programs of our subconscious beautiful, intelligent, stupid, ugly, strange stunning in their diversity, as well as all the internal qualities that form the brightest mosaic of our personality.

When a person develops, his environment also changes: new people appear, with those features that reflect the new state of things inside of us. All this is natural. This is a development process, which is very important to monitor and timely take all the necessary actions for its serviceable work.

I divide the environment into the one that interferes, which is neutral and which helps you.

Neutral people. These who treat you relatively smoothly and calmly. These are people who do not have any claims to you, do not want to use you and do not create any drama in your life. These are very calm parts of your environment, which give the BASE of everyday routine.

People that helping to you. According to the description, it may seem that this is the list of saints, angels, apostles and heroes from the comic books. But in fact, if there is at least one sincere, open, kind and honest person in your environment who is not indifferent to you it's great. These people listen to you when you talk about your life. They are interested in you, and you in a dialogue with them feel that your interlocutor is really sincere to you, open in dialogue and wants to get to know you better. Just because he is a good person and your friend, and knows that empathy in a relationship (the ability to feel and empathize with another) is not a luxury, but the norm that is available to him.

Those who support you when you have trouble. These are the cases when you experience domestic or sudden failures, and you know that you can find support from a certain number of people. You can tell them about what happened, talk about your experiences, maybe drink together some beer, charge this conversation with optimism, perhaps even find some solution to the problem in a dialogue with this person. These people do not caulk your mouth with their unwillingness to listen you, they do not leave your problems and, probably, even offer their help.

Those to whom you can truly trust. These are those in whose company you can feel safe because they will not give away your secret, do not run to tell your conversation to a third person, and your personal correspondence will not come up accidentally on the front page in the morning newspaper. Guys who can keep secrets and don’t spoil your life with intrigues are valuable friends.

Those people who bright your inspiration. We all consist of stars and planets, there is always some kind of chemistry between us, there are times when 1 + 1 really gives 3, and from this communication something extraordinary will be born: beautiful, clean and fresh. To meet someone with whom you feel something like this is a real miracle. I'm talking about meetings after which you understand  HOW your project should be look like or HOW it is necessary to issue your new work, WHAT element lacked into your melody or HOW you better act in a difficult situation. This is a positive chemistry of interaction on each other. And, if you feel it next to someone - value this person with all your heart.

Those who provide you with new opportunities. When I say «opportunities», I mean a very broad concept, because "all the ways are open, the main thing is to choose the right one." It can be really good advice, discussion or common experience, a brain-storm over a cup of coffee and so on. With this person you do not drown in a swamp without prospects in the cunning criticism. You find yourself in the space of options and practical solutions. And it's very cool. Because, this is the adult way.

Those who can say to you: «You are a very strong, You can do everything. I really believe in you, and I know that everything will be fine with you.» And they will not break off from this phrase because praising someone for them is not a problem.

Those who have everything in order with self-esteem. Or those who are engaged in self-esteem, not letting their lives in trash style. And this is very important. Because those who choose to stay in the swamp complexes and unsolved problems, instead of looking for a way out, will necessarily try to drag you along into this fetid and sticky slime.

We always exchange with the participants of our environment by emotions, thoughts, actions and influence on each other. We, as musical instruments, play a common system. And from our interaction can be a very beautiful, harmonious melody or some kind of indistinct farce. Therefore, the process of our development and, accordingly, relations with our environment must be very clearly perceived.

I wish to your to have at least one strong and open person, one good friend that you can trust. And i wish you become for someone the same a very valuable, reliable and cool person.

The author of the illustration and the text — Olga Rukina.
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