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Imagine the person that you like, that causes you a pleasant sensation. How does he or she look like, what are his features, how he talks, what he does, where he works and so on. Imagine this person as detailed as possible, describe it as a voluminous and integral character. What exactly do you like in this person? What his features are most pleasing to you?

And now imagine the person to whom you feel disgust, fear or frustration. The one whose qualities you REALLY don’t like. What does he or she look like? Is it a man or a woman? A child or some mythical creature from cinematography? What does he do? What characteristics beset you most? Why is he so disgusting or scary to you?

The task is to form two images in your imagination. The first one is positive. The second one is negative.

According to the Jungian test, these images are parts of your Personality. The first one is positive it is Anima how you imagine yourself, how you want to look like, which kind of person you want to be, those aspects of your character that you accept and approve of yourself, or those that are accepted and approved by your environment. The so-called Visible Face.

The second person the negative one is the most interesting. This is Hidden Face your Shadow. What you are pushing out of yourself, that you do not want to know about yourself and, accordingly, use. It can be a very nasty and vile character evil, frustrated, poor and worthless. Modest, quiet and "gray". Or aggressive and sarcastic, monstrous and hellish. Everyone has a very different Tyler Durden inside. Everyone has very different Shadows qualities that they hide behind the second and third layer of paint.

But in it in the repressed and concealed there is a source of very powerful energy. In order to understand it, you need to look at the unpleasant qualities of this nasty inner character as something that can benefit you.

Yes, it's definitely Shadow scares. It is too dark and forbidden. But there hidden element that you lacked until the moment when you finally decided to look beyond the previous boundaries. Minotaur, Dragon, Woland De Mort ... And many, many other characters from mythology and literature speak the language of the Shadow. Because it is everywhere and in everyone. This is your hidden potential, using which you can collect together all parts of your personality.

For example, if you have imagined a very evil, aggressive and not respecting anybody person, think about it how can you benefit from these qualities? Perhaps his aggression, if it is tempered and sharpened, will help you in a dialogue with your enemy? Or its criticality, if you approach it wisely, will save you at an important moment. His arrogance protects from a low level of working conditions, and arrogance will deal with the long-drawn situation.
This Shadow must be grasped, consider and used. And then there will come Zen, yin-yang and full Nirvana.

Of course, you should think about more deeply if your Shadow is the concentration of physical violence against others, different sadistic inclinations and causing harm to others or you. Then, perhaps, it is worth turning to a doctor specialist.

Also, accepting your Shadow does not mean accepting the Shadow of another person or some qualities of others people that are consider unacceptable to you.

Study yourself, study your inner world, and then you will discover a lot of the chests with gold from the Dragon Cave secrets...

The author of the photo and the text — Olga Rukina.
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