Irruption into the art

Olga Rukina. Irruption into the art

I created this text because of event that happened in one of the art communities. It was an incident that gave me a new understanding of human nature, about how different people can behave in the same situation, what strange forms communication can take and how in principle the conflict can be looks like.

«After several hours spent in this group, with the hope of finding at least some really unique art, I was disappointed to find only a few decent works. I can suggest renaming your group to ART IT'S A SHIT and propose even close your community as useless».

The idea of ​​the author (let’s call him John Doe) was formed in such a way that ALL saw, read and reacted to it. And people started to reacted and divided into several groups:
Those who openly condemned the situation. They acted as defenders and asked the community administration to ban John Doe.

Those who tried to enter into a dialogue and understand why the author behaves in this way. They adhered to the position of balance and peace. Balance lovers.

  Those who supported John Doe. 2 or 3 people from the whole big discussion. They were those who were also irritated by the «low quality» of art in the community, but who did not dare to express their thoughts aloud. They were very sarcastic characters who were happy about what was happening: «Finally! Someone said what I have been thinking about for so long!»

  And the last group, which, perhaps, was the strangest one. People who began to publish their work under the post of John Doe with a request to EVALUATE their art in terms of quality and beauty.

Participants in the first and second groups (defenders and balance lovers) were engaged in creativity, their drawings were presented on personal pages and in the community. Their profiles were filled with personal information, photos and avatars.

Those who supported John Doe preferred to hide their identity, leaving me a space for imagination neither the faces in the photo, nor the drawings in the community, nor the mention that these people are engaged in any kind of art.

Those who asked John Doe to evaluate their drawings, respectively, were engaged in art. And these characters were united by one feature: God, doves in the sky, the sun rise and clouds a gentle, bright, «holy» church theme in their works.

John Doe was fully like a group of his «fans» the lack of detailed information and personal photos in the profile. And… no hint that the instigator of the scandal is busy with art.

The requests to show what John Doe does in professional life and how he can surprise the «unskillful» community members were completely ignored by him. After all, as it later became clear in the comments, he was not engaged in creativity at all. What was already strange and caused me the question: what this person does in the community for artists?
But, despite the fact that John Doe was not engaged in creativity, he wanted the attention in the art community.

He laughed and gloated over the defenders, completely without any embarrassment, noting that «his opinion is his opinion, and he has every right to it, and those who do not like his opinion can go fuck himself».

To those people who tried to find out the reason for what going on balance lovers John Doe gave a more detailed «interview». Where 90% of the text consisted of contempt for the balance lovers. John Doe stressed that only HIS pronounced negative opinion is the only correct one, because the TRUTH needs to be spoken loudly, clearly, unequivocally and so that everyone will hear it.

To his fans John Doe did not pay any attention obviously.

But in a group of Divine motifs and white pigeons, John Doe went into real braking bad. Without embarrassment, he began to evaluate all the drawings that people sent to him «for review», and it looked creepy and surreal at the same time: «not bad», «the technique here suffers», «a worn out plot», «not my style», «again one and the same shit, «1 work is so-so, the rest it sucks».

When John Doe become bored to giving assessments to lovers of church style, he switched to the most harmless community members.

To the children...

«Are you serious?! Do you really think that this is art?! Are you out of your mind?! What's wrong with this world, if in the community with art this shit is represented?! Take it out of the Internet now!» John Doe wrote under the publication of children with their, perhaps, the first attempts to show their creativity to strangers.

Then a level of surrealism heated up and the «fans» of John Doe, bravely, took air into the lungs and began to comment the posts of other members.They, as their ideological leader bequeathed, also began to express their only true TRUTH loudly, clearly, unequivocally and so that everyone would hear it.

«You will not succeed. Did you see what you are drawing? It sucks. You will not be able to publish your work in other communities. Only talented people are taken there, and you are a complete jerk». These and similar comments the «fans» of John Doe began to wrote in all member discussions.

People who do not engage in art aggressively, almost with foam at the mouth, have proved to people who are engaged in art that they cannot do anything, because they do not have talent. This is VERY BIZARRE SITUATION.

When this bizarre situation sprawled at least 10 posts around, the community administrator finally woke up after a coma and interrupted what was happening with a saint ban.
Please note that this was not the scenario described in the book on psychology, not a story from the life of a single person, to whom methods of psychological pressure and persecution were used. It was a discussion in the art community, which I observed with my own eyes and which (for unknown reasons) was not deleted by the page administrators for quite some time.

When John Doe's message was removed, waves of surrealism subsided and posts with drawings of participants were no longer marked by anyone's loud «truth».

Now let's compress even more this already tiny story to look into the quintessence.
This is a story about the violation of personal boundaries. Into a peaceful community comes a person from outside, which casts doubt on the quality and appropriateness of the already existing state of things. He expresses his opinion in a rather aggressive manner: through the depreciation of all participants in general and the creativity of children in particular.

He is a violator of the order, he is a violator of personal boundaries. The reason why he does this can be anything: from the desire to assert itself to the banal boredom of a person with a personality disorder.

He by himself does not have any visible merit, and it is not even clear why he came to the community of artists, if he does not do art himself. He came to the community of people to openly insult that’s all.

His behavior causes reactions: aggression, support, the desire to balance everything and to stop the situation. The requests to assess the quality of artworks is a strange, but also a logical reaction. Because someone (I suspect that a co-dependent person who accustomed to such a violation of personal boundaries) saw in John Doe the authority, the one who can give the advice, someone who is authoritative, powerful and who understand everything.

Everyone in the community reacts to the new aggressive participant very deeply and emotionally, what, for sure, is part of his plan all eyes are finally focused on him, and he does not need to create anything, does not need to be someone, does not need to do anything useful for society. He just needs to start insulting everyone around, covering it with the meaning of the TRUTH, which, I recall, needs to be spoken loudly, clearly, clearly and so that everyone will hear it.

In my opinion, the only person who acted adequately in this whole situation was the community administrator, who just banned John Doe.

And now let's press this situation more. And let's take it to the scale of interpersonal communication «one by one», where the art community is you, with your drawings, songs, books, deeds, with your worldview and the way of life.

If into your life comes some person like John Doe, that depreciates your achievements, criticizes them, expresses his TRUTH, calls into question the usefulness of your work, writes his spiteful commentary under a very important event for you, which gives to you an assessment "from above"... If into your life comes a person that violates your personal boundaries don’t waste your time.

You don’t need to understand the motivation of this person, you don’t need to understand his «difficult childhood» and you don’t need to balance everything that happens by your acceptance and your understanding.

You don’t need to support him, you don’t need to agree with him or try to look for any meaning in his words.

Without remorse, without unnecessary thoughts, without shame - ban John Doe from your life. Because people like him are the violators of your personal boundaries, who are trying to solve their complexes by you.

I wish you a good day, good health, a healthy atmosphere around you. Be engaged in useful, important and necessary affairs, direct your attention to your own development, be strong, beautiful and successful.

I embrace you, my darlings.

The author of the photo and the text — Olga Rukina.
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